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How well do you know  RUGBY?

Did you know?…

  • MHS Rugby is in its 7th season at the High School.
  • MHS Rugby offers an MS Boys and Girls tackle team, 5th/6th-grade, Co-ed flag team and a 3rd/4th-grade team that is comprised of boys and girls from the Medina city elementary and middle schools.
  • Rugby is a SPRING sport at Medina.
  • Rugby does not conflict with offseason Football workout programs.
  • MHS has produced 8 full scholarship players to further their education and rugby career.
  • Tiger Olympic Development Academy hosted a summer rugby camp at MHS.
  • MHS Boys have made the state rugby playoffs 6 out of its 7 seasons, MHS Girls played in the DII State Championship last season, and the Medina Boys MS team won the city championship in 2016!
  • MHS has produced 9 ALL OHIO Athletes and 1 ALL AMERICAN.
  • Rugby teaches a transferable skill set to Football, Soccer, Wrestling, Hockey, and Basketball.
  • ALL MHS Ruggers get a chance to run, kick, pass the ball, and Tackle too!
  • Rugby is NOT football without pads, the rules in place make it a safer game then football and there are stats that prove fewer injuries occur on the pitch vs the gridiron.
  • There is no “I” in MEDINA RUGBY and “1t Take5 all Fifteen”
  • MHS Rugby has the LOWEST pay to play cost for all the sports offered at the school. PAY TO PLAY SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE!
  • MHS Rugby has been Developing Championship individuals since 2011.

Some interesting facts about the sport of Rugby:

  • Played in over 120 countries throughout the world. Second largest sport in the world.
  • Men and women, boys and girls play by the same rules. • There are both non-contact and contact versions of the game, making it appropriate for all age levels.
  • Rugby is all-inclusive – Everyone can play no matter what size, shape, or athletic ability!
  • Rugby is a sport that involves cardiovascular endurance, strength, agility, and so many other health benefits.
  • Rugby is a great cross-over sport, with many of the same skills that can be found in other sports like basketball, football, soccer, and many more!
  • Rugby 7’s is an Olympic sport and was included in the 2016 Olympic Games, increasing the popularity of the sport for both boys and girls.