High School 9th – 12th grade Boys Tackle


Indoor practice will begin in late January at the high school. We will move practice outdoors in February. Outdoors practice will be at the high school recreation fields located off of Rt. 3. . Practice days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Times 5-7pm.  530 – 730pm after daylight savings.   


Matches are played with 15 players per side.  Matches are typically played on Sunday afternoons with a few week night games also occurring during the season.  We will field at least two teams with open competition every week for selection to the top 22 for the A side(Varsity).  B side (JV) matches will typically be played directly after A side matches.  There are no cuts and all players will have the opportunity to play and learn rugby (safety and well being of the player being considered). 

Uniform provided by Medina Rugby, player provides fleets and mouthguard.

Cost TBA January 2018


Brian Scerca

Steve Depp

Brian Majoy

Sam Pietrangelo